Mobile Botnets

A Mobile Botnet is described as a type of botnet that targets mobile devices, attempting to gain complete control of the device and its contents as well as providing control to the botnet originator. Based on research done by several top computer software security companies, mobile phone botnets are on the rise.

A botnet “herder” can infect and control several hundred thousand devices, making them into a type of “Zombie” phone. The herder has complete control over the compromised device using it to send text messages, make purchases and commit other types of fraudulent crimes. They now have complete access to your valuable information. Hackers do not call attention to themselves and they cover their tracks.  Instead, their programs are designed to run in complete silence, in the background.  There’s no log of calls placed to fictitious overseas numbers, no evidence of text messages sent that can run up a monthly bill.  Most people never notice the extra data usage toward the end of the month.

Signal Safeguard products will help protect your electronic device  from “botnet herders”.

What is a botnet?

The term bot is short for robot. Criminals distribute malicious software (also known as malware) that can turn your computer into a bot (also known as a zombie). When this occurs, your computer can perform automated tasks over the Internet, without you knowing it.

Can a Mobile Botnet turn your cell into a “Zombie” phone?