What types of electronics are vulnerable to hackers?

Any piece of electronic equipment that uses some type of computerized component is vulnerable to hacker attacks. There are increased risks if the device is connected to the internet or a network that an attacker may be able to access. Keep in mind that a wireless connection also introduces these risks. Outside connections provides a way for an attacker to extract information or send information from your device. Most people are unaware of how easily someone can hack into their cell phone. There are devices that allow someone (hacker) to hack into your cell phone by just dialing the number. With this type of technology, they can also listen to your calls, read your emails and texts, gain access to your photos and your social media information or any other valuable information stored on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Risks with PED’s

There are many risks with PEDs. One of the many risks is the various sizes of PEDs and their portability. They are easily misplaced, which makes them vulnerable to theft. The loss, theft or damage of these devices increases the possibility of unauthorized access to sensitive corporate and personal information, unauthorized access to unsecured devices by determined hackers with readily available tools.

It is apparent that, while most people take all this connectivity and instant information for granted, they need to pay more attention to securing their devices from hackers. Ensuring the security of these devices is essential. At Signal Safeguard measures have been taken to ensure the protection and security of your valuable data stored on your portable electronic device. Security is possible, it is not difficult, it pays off and it is everyone’s personal responsibility.

How Vulnerable Are PED’s (portable electronic devices) Against a Hacker?