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SIGNAL SAFEGUARD (SSG) is a metal shielded enclosure with internal compartments to manage, store and protect a variety of Portable Electric Devices (PEDs) in one unit.

SSG is passive and designed to protect data by preventing wireless signals from infiltrating PEDs rendering the devices ineffective while left in secure and unsecure areas. Ordinary mailboxes are not constructed to address the
guidelines regarding physical shielding of mobile devices.


Standard Features

  • RF shielding, portable design, locking compression latches, internal compartments & built in mounting posts in the base for permanent placement.
  • SSG products are independently tested to 76db of attenuation up
    to 5 GHz. Approximate dimensions 13″ x 13″ x 10″.

Unmatched Quality

  • Our product line is engineered to endure the changes in technology allowing our customers to purchase a device that will not be obsolete and avoid the cost or replacement in the near future.

Cell Phone / Tablet Combination Unit

Cell Phone/Tablet Unit


Offers adjustable/removable internal compartments to hold avariety of portable electric devices with numerous configurations.
Approximately 35lbs

Cell Phone / Tablet Combination Unit With Acoustic Sound Suppression



Model SSG-COM/AC Offers adjustable/removable
internal compartments as well as a added acoustic sound suppression. Approximately 40lbs

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